The Clinic

Dr.Jibi Mariam Thomas


Dr.Jibi Mariam Thomas has a General Nursing and midwifey from the Alva's Institute of Nursing, Mangalore  .  

 Clinic Services

. Collects all health related data for students (based on forms submitted by parents) 

. Maintains records for students with chronic or critical medical conditions such as diabetes and asthma  

•  Records must also indicate any allergies or untoward drug reactions .

     The clinic maintains an immunization record for Grade 1 students (4-6 years) under the supervision of the Ministry of Health .  

•  The School clinic is well equipped with a thermometer, automatic blood pressure monitor, manual blood pressure monitor, digital personal weight scale, height measuring tape, medical bed, stethoscope, nebulizer and
oxygen apparatus, which all help to provide appropriate medical first aid response

. The Clinic administers first aid and attend to minor and major Accidents at the school clinic 

• The doctor will assess each case and decides whether to refer students for follow up with medical practitioners or to emergency services if /when needed.*

. The parents will be notified according to the GIS Child Protection Policy (CPP), read more about it here 

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