Discipline Policies & Procedures

  • Discipline plays a vital role in the development of children's personalities. Students are expected to demonstrate self-control, self-discipline, and self-direction in their behavior. All activities of students within the school premises are closely monitored. Student Prefects are appointed to ensure discipline and good conduct. 

  • Positive Student Behavior:
    Positive reinforcement is used to encourage good student habits and behaviors.
  • GIS Falcon Clubs:

    Gulf Falcon of the Week recognition program aims to acknowledge and celebrate students who consistently demonstrate exemplary behavior, commitment to academic responsibilities, and positive contributions to the school.

  • Criteria:

    • Perfect Attendance

    • Uniform Compliance

    • Behavior Conduct

    • Timely Homework Submission

    • Good Citizenship Attributes

  • Reward:

    • Certificate of appreciation at the end of the year

    • Good Falcon Badge

  • Committee Members:

    • Class Teacher

    • Floor Monitor

    • School Counselor

    • Academic Director

  • Class of the month:

    Entire classrooms of students who maintain the criteria for the entire month receive one of the following:

    • School provided class pizza party

    • Extra one hour for sports

    • Extra points for the trimester/semester exam added to one subject.

  • Students who violate school rules:

    Students who violate school rules may face consequences according to the discipline policy set by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Ministry of Education (MOE) Discipline Policy  

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