Dress Code

The school dress code is outlined below. Parents and students have been informed of these rules. The following  procedure will be followed for non-compliance


1.   A student will be given notice verbally of non- compliance grades 4-12. For students in grades Nursery to Grade 3; the floor monitors will take note of those students in non- compliance and keep written records.

2.   The second time the student is found in non- compliance (of any one or different school dress code violations) a notice will be sent home to the parent. This applies equally to students in all grades Nursery to Grade 12.

3.    The third time a student is found in non-compliance; the parent will be called to pick up the student and the student will no be admitted to class until they have complied with the dress code. For students in grades Nursery to Grade 3; the parents will be called to pick up the student (The student will remain in class until the parent arrives.).

    All students must wear their school uniform daily.

       Students should attend to their personal hygiene,

  including but not limited to

¤ Bathing regularly

¤ Keeping finger nails short and clean

¤ Girls are not allowed to wear nail polish to school

¤ Hair must be clean

¤ Boys may not wear long hair (this includes ALL students Pre-K to Grade 12)

                   The Boys’ School Principal will be the final authority on what is constituted as ‘too’ long.

¤ Girls may not wear their hair “open” it must be tied back or otherwise off of their face and shoulders.

                   Finally, students must wear their Identity Cards to school daily.


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